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The Entrenewb gift card contest

There seems to be a push to for businesses to build an email list on the popular blogs, podcasts and twitter feeds recently. All of you experienced business people will disagree with me that it’s a recent phenomenon but for newbies like me just getting into the learning curve it seems to always be getting coverage. Until yesterday I had not really been able to see how a an email list would benefit me or this blog because I don’t have a physical or digital product to offer. I guess that I was a little slow on the uptake.

A few weeks ago I hit upon a new business idea and have been kicking it around ever since. I’ve been back and forth trying to decide if this is an idea worth pursuing. Last week I decided that my idea deserved to be moved from the idea stage to the planning stage. While working through some of the initial steps that would need to be taken I decided that an email list would not only be helpful to the business, it would be the core of the entire project.

How to build an email list from a blog that doesn’t get any traffic

I asked this question on my twitter feed about how other business people would  go about building that list but no one from my very small following answered. To be fair, it was a little after 8:00 AM and that probably isn’t the best time to send a question like that but i was anxious to get moving. A short time later I received an email from Thinktraffic covering this very issue. The blog post was titled, “4 Ways To Build Your Email List Today (Without Spending Time Learning New Tactics)“. The information in the article was a perfect fit for me. I definitely recommend that you read that article AFTER you finish here.

The article mentions using a contest to entice visitors to your site and get them to subscribe. That was an easy one for me to manager. Like I said earlier, at this moment I don’t have a product to sell or even worth giving away as premium content to pull readers to my site. However, I can scrounge up a few dollars to buy a gift card and hold a drawing for it. All that the readers will need to do to enter is fill out the orange email subscription form located on the right. I added a new page to this site oddly title “Promotions” that explains the rules and so forth. The contests will run bi-monthly for now and the winner will be announced in future blog posts.

In order to build an email list I needed find someone to handle the emails once I collect them from this site. If the email list grows like I hope it will then I will probably upgrade to a pad plan with either Mailchimp or Aweber. Now that the foundation is in place the next step is to publicize it. I will update you with a new post on what I am doing to get the word out and how it is progressing.  So while you’re here please fill out the form to get your entry into the contest and tell your Facebook friends and Twitter followers as well.

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